Every single hour of the day the sun radiates on Earth more than enough energy to satisfy global energy requirement for an entire year.  

The Photovoltaic or Solar Panels technology has made it possible to capture a very small portion of this energy, store it in batteries and turn it into useful electricity on demand.

Solar energy is pollution free, noiseless, no or very low level of maintenance and apart from benefiting the environment it also benefits our pocket. Solar can be installed anywhere on this planet where there is sun light for more than a couple of hours daily.

Compared to generators - solar technology will provide noise free power 24 hrs./day, and does not have to be turned off to spare the equipment. There are no daily refueling, no maintenance cost – and a standard solar panel has a lifetime of approx. 25 years. Well taken care of, panels can last more than 25 years.

Therefore, we at Denig Solar are passionate about this technology and we are eager to share our passion with you.  Based in Denmark we design affordable and reliable solar system based on state of the art technologies to help you take control of your energy consumption.  Our systems offer predictable, long term energy rate and protect you from energy cost volatility for years. 

At Denig Solar we are making state of the art solutions for a variety of situations. Our high-quality systems are based on the best products and are approved by the Danish authorities.

We deliver plug and play Solar-systems with battery banks that ensures clean and free power 24 hrs. around the year. The systems are scalable and you can start out with a small system and later add to the system as you need changes. The solar panels produce the power during the day – even in cloudy weather - and store enough power in the batteries for use at night. Due to our high-quality standards, the systems will provide you with clean, free and silent power for 25 years!

If you don’t have the room or the need for solar panels, but will avoid power outage a UPS is the perfect solution. Our quality plug and play systems are very easy to install and will be charged by the grid-power whenever power is available. When the power is out, our system immediately takes over and deliver power for all your appliances. Compared to a generator this solution is cheap – doesn’t require repair or fuel – and is completely noiseless!

At Denig Solar we take pride in our service – and you are never left alone with a system that doesn’t work. Our qualified technicians are ready to provide the best service on the marked – and we are just a call away.

Please see our product offerings on following pages, send us a mail or call if you need further information.  

All-In-One Solar Systems at its best

Billede 1 Billede 1 Billede 1 Billede 1 Billede 1 All-in-One Off Grid and On Grid Hybrid solution

Hybrid All-in-One solution Approved for Grid Tie

Denig Solar ApS offers complete solutions from 1.0kW (1.25kVA)  to 120kW(150kVA) made up of quality solar panels, Inverter and Battery Bank for storage of excess energy for night usage.

Solution are available as On Grid, or both. All Inverters Invertere for On Grid operation are subjected to Danish regulatory approval.

The systems are modular and scalable and you can start out with a small system and later add to the system as your need changes.

Components for Solar Systems

solar components solar components solar components solar components solar components Solar components

Denig Solar provides solar components i.e solar panels, Cables, Batteries, Mounting devices etc. at competitives prices.

Combi systems Combi systems Combi systems Combi systems Combi systems All-In-One Systems

All-In-One solutions.  Plug -and Play